Reliable home phone has become the trending and successful in the market as it is having been providing many features and services to our customers that meet the end-to-end customer requirements. Only one crucial thing required for making and receiving calls using reliable VoIP home phone is internet connection. One can make calls or receive calls both on your smart phone and land phone. Reliable home phone’s target and aim is to work out through word-of-mouth recommendations means we deliver our product not through words but through good experiences gained by our customers.


Every company’s aim is to target customer satisfaction but reliable home phone not just aims at meeting the expectations of the customers but also exceed the same with uncompromised quality and perfection in delivery.  Our aim is to get 100% satisfaction from the customers which is well attained and achieved by knowing the exact requirements and specifications of them. We have designed and developed our product in such a way that it reaches all the pre requisites of our customers without any hassle.


We offer different plans so one can check in detail about them in our website PLANS section which clearly explains the tariffs and call rates clearly. Yes, we say confidently that we offer reasonable charges for the call rates compared to the market rates.

Reliable home phone offers mainly two different types of plans they are residential plans and international plans.


The most interesting aspect which makes our reliable home phone unique and special from different products of course in the market are its features.

Any customer who buys a good or a product from the market then surely, they check the features of the product for example, if you are buying a cell phone then you will compare the features of the other cell phone company’s features. Here, reliable home phone certainly offers the best and unique features for the product which you can go through in the section “FEATURES” of our website.


Reliable home phone provides flexible offers to our customers on yearly plans for outside calling. For details, please check the section OFFERS in our website.


We support our customers from all the ways possible whether they are related to technical issues, issues in plans and services, issues in paying bills, issues in features and all services provided by our reliable home phone

Contact the provided toll-free numbers on the right top of the website or else just go to the section in the support tab where you can find FAQ’s or potential challenges that the customer may face in the end-to-end engagement with our company.

If still you can’t find out the solution for your issue, then simply take a call for our customer care which is available 24*7 only for your support…


Read our blogs in our website which we update daily to know all latest updates about our company and products…


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Making phone calls in the olden days means around 90’s was done through devices that are attached to copper lines and dialling the destination number with no additional features stinged to the device which are required but now internet has brought the revolution in the past decade later modified and modernised with many technologies and software updates and released in the market which has made and implemented even in the field of ‘communication’ which has been done through RELAIBLE PHONE which has included many latest and modern technologies implemented which in turn makes our customers feel highly flexible in making calls for their dear ones or else to reach out their business clients with very effective costs.

Check out “features” section to understand more about the reliable phone advantages.

Basic requirements to dial a call:

•     High speed internet

•     Device provided by reliable home phone

Just two prerequisites help our customers to understand how easy it is to make a call with less effort and also saving your money with very effective output that makes our clients happy.

Steps to set up reliable home phone:

I.     connect the given reliable home phone box to the router with the cable which is included

II.    plug the router into the AC outlet

III.   connect the power supply to the reliable phone box and into an AC outlet

IV.  connect your home phone to the reliable phone box with a regular cable provided

“Hearty congrats, now you can start making calls.”

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