VoIP stands for voice over Internet Protocol. It is a technology to make phone calls using an Internet connection. A VoIP phone system converts analog voice signals into digital signals through your broadband connection. A VoIP server helps to connect calls to other telephone networks using a high-speed Internet connection, router, and modem.

Easy steps to understanding the VoIP working process:
VoIP is also known as IP telephony, which uses Internet technology to make voice calling without using analog lines connected to the old traditional phone system.
Initially, VoIP converts analog signals received through the incoming voice into compressed digital signals.
These compressed digital signals are then received at the other end or receivers end where they are uncompressed and get converted into the form of sound which can be heard on the speakers.
One can easily set up and start working with a Reliable Home Phone system which can be installed in three possible ways:

  • Working VoIP phone system with a phone:
    If you are already using an old landline phone, then it is possible to make VoIP calls using a special adapter provided by the companies.
    Analogue Telephone Adapter – ATA stands for Analogue Telephone Adapter, which converts analogue signals to digital signals.
    • Reliable home phone delivers the special adapter which you can start using immediately by plugging it into a socket mounted on the wall or connect it to the router.
  • Working VoIP with a smart phone:
    Make calls when you are out of place, Reliable Home Phone provides the smart solution for smartphone users.
    Once you initiate calls on the wireless network, they are routed through the internet that is connected to your smartphone and turned into VoIP calls. All VoIP calls done from the Reliable Home phone are free.
    So, how to start making calls from our Reliable Home Phone app? Read the steps and start enjoying our unlimited service.
    • Install Reliable home phone app in your mobile devices as it gets connected easily with any wireless internet connections even when you are out of place.
    • The unique feature of our Reliable Home Phone is that even when you get disconnected from the wireless signal, it automatically gets connected to the regular cellular network so that you don’t get disconnected from the ongoing calls.
  • Working VoIP with a computer:
    To make calls using VoIP from computer to computer, then you just need to download the VoIP software provided by the companies and enter your desktop which is connected to a high-speed Internet connection, headsets, speakers and microphones which helps to talk over the VoIP calls with good sound clarity.
    Working of VoIP phone system:
    • VoIP is the acronym for voice over Internet Protocol, which transmits data over the Internet.
    • With VoIP, analogue voice calls are first converted into packets of data such as email or any other type of data over the Internet or other IP network.
    • VoIP phone service can make and receive calls from computer to computer or landline or cell phones using computer speakers, computer microphone or headsets.
    • You can use an analogue traditional phone system as a VoIP phone system just by connecting an analogue telephone adapter to your network that ensures the best voice quality as well as security compared to other communication systems.
    • VoIP phone system works with the best high speed Internet connection that includes a router or modem.
    Reliable home phone system is one of the leading VoIP residential providers in the market providing exceptional services compared to the other competitors as we render 30 plus features, cost-effective plans in addition to 24/7 live customer support.
    Features of reliable VOIP home phone:
    One can opt for the VoIP phone system in business or for the residential purposes only. It provides excellent and Additional Features compared to other VoIP phone systems available. Our reliable home phone system offers more than 30 plus features for our customers that include incoming calls, outgoing calls and other additional features.
    Features of Incoming calls:
    • Call waiting
    • Caller ID
    • Blocking
    • Parallel drinking
    • Do not disturb
    • Call redirecting
    Features of outgoing calls:
    • Anonymous call rejection
    • E 911
    • Follow me
    • Voicemail
    • Conference call
    Additional features:
    • Reliable online account
    • Virtual number
    • Bandwidth saver
    • Toll free
    • No code
    • Network availability number
    And many more, for more details, visit www.reliablehomephone.com
    Steps to set up our reliable Home Phone
  • Connect the given Home VoIP Phone Adapter to the router with the cable which is included.
  • Plug the router into the AC outlet.
  • Connect the power supply to the Reliable VoIP Phone Adapter and into an AC outlet.
  • Connect your home phone to the Reliable VoIP Phone Adapter with a regular cable provided.

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