What is VoIP and its Advantages?

VoIP stands for voice over Internet Protocol, is the latest digital technology used for making and receiving phone calls over the Internet. It is totally different from a traditional phone system as the VOIP phone system uses your existing Internet connection instead of hard-wired connections or network issues.

The VoIP phone system is also referred to as Internet telephony, which can be used to make Internet phone calls from any place and from any device.

Initially, VoIP phones are used for business communication purposes from small to big enterprises but now it has been successfully used for residential purposes also.

Reliable home phone is one of the successful and leading VoIP residential providers rendering excellent VOIP features, flexible and cost-effective plans available in the market dedicating their services mainly for residential purposes.

How VoIP works?                                                               

  • In VOIP phone system data he’s exchanged between the receiver and the dialer in the form of small data packets over the Internet
  • the data packets transferred over the Internet travels less than a second between your phone and the VOIP provider
  • IP telephony connects to the local VoIP service provider when you dial a telephone number Where the voice service provider connects the call over the Internet where data packets are exchanged through your VoIP phone system
  • these digital signals are converted into the sound when received by the VoIP phone system.

Advantages of VoIP:

  • multiple features
  • excellent sound quality
  • cost effective
  • convenient inflexible plans
  • make calls from your favorite device
  • scalable
  • flexible
  • no hardware issues
  • easy to install
  • no voice drops or call drops issues
What is VoIP and its Advantages?

The reliable home phone delivers flexible, best, and advanced 30 plus features that are more than required for residential purposes:

  • Caller ID
  • call waiting
  • do not disturb
  • parallel ringing
  • E911
  • Conference call
  • Blocking
  • network availability
  • no code
  • multiple app installs
  • tollfree
  • virtual number
  • follow me

These are a few best features for outgoing, incoming calls integrated with the Reliable Home Phone system that you can grab at the best and cost-effective price.

Why choose a Reliable home phone?

  • 24*7 live support
  • Scalable with any network
  • Highly reliable
  • Renders professional services
  • Easy to setup
  • Excellent features

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