What is an Internet-based phone service?

Internet-based phone service or Internet telephony includes all the types of communication services like phone calls, video calls, audio calls, fax, voicemail, and many other communication services in which digital calls are sent and received over the Internet.

Types of Internet telephony:

There are many Internet telephony applications where few are accessed and integrated with the web browsers and a few of them are standalone products like voice over Internet or voice over IP products.

it is categorized into three types: PC to PC telephony, PC to phone, and phone to phone Internet-based phone services.

what is PC to PC telephony?

· PC to PC telephony allows you to make calls to another person who is online at the same time on his PC.

· PC to PC telephone regards compatible software, speakers, microphone, or a PC headset including Internet access.

· No need to pay money to make these calls

· Sometimes if the Internet quality is lacking then the quality of the voice may differ

· When a person or a client call, the digital packets are transmitted over the Internet in the form of data packets where the receiving person or the receiving client converts these data packets into voice signals that can be heard through the output device available.

what is PC to phone telephony?

  • PC 2 phone telephony helps you to make calls from your desktop or computer to the regular traditional telephone system.
  • You need to pay money for this service, but it is cheaper than your regular traditional phone system call rates
  • PC to phone telephone requires desktop, analogue phone, microphone, speakers and that the Internet access.
  • When you make a call From your personal computer, the PC from which we are making calls becomes the gateway that converts the voice into data packets onto the Internet and at the receiver side, these data packets are converted into voice signals that are routed over the PSTN that is, in general, referred as a public switched telephone network then routes the call to the similar to the traditional phone system process.

What are phone-to-phone calls?

Internet based Phone Service
  • It is one of the types of Internet telephone service that is more popular compared to the other technologies implemented both in the business and for the residential purposes 
  • Phone to phone telephone calls is becoming more popular when compared to the other two types of Internet-based telephone services.
  • this type of service doesn’t require any special software or a computer to use
  • It uses traditional telephones on both the sides, dialler and the side
  • you must maintain an Internet service connection to make and receive these types of calls
  • ITSP means Internet telephone service providers include gateways where when you make a call which is routed over the Internet to the destination gateway which then sends the call over the public switched telephone network that is sent to the receiver.

Users when making a call with the Internet telephone system by using the landline then these voice signals are compressed and digitalized into the form of data packets that when received by the receiver gateway are converted back into voice signals that are routed to the local PSTN on the receiver side.

 what is the difference between Internet telephony and VOIP?

to understand the differences between IP telephony and void first let us see what the technology VoIP means. VOIP stands for voice over Internet Protocol which is a subset of Internet telephony services where the data packets are transmitted between the dialler and the receiver site over the Internet.

Internet telephony uses the IP packet switching technology to exchange calls and data over the Internet whereas voice over IP is the process of making and receiving voice calls over an IP network. Internet telephony includes the VoIP services as it is a host that is used for making and receiving calls end it is integrated with all the features and functionalities of the VOIP services.

Advantages of Internet telephony:

Internet telephony service provides many advantages when compared to the traditional phone system as it delivers flexible communication solutions for both business and residential purposes.

  • It allows multiple devices like smartphones, this phones to integrate with the infrastructure of Internet telephony the simplifying to attend and receive calls.
  • users can mate and receive office calls using the I be telephoning just by adding their office extension from their smartphones as they provide high-end security to the calls.
  • Internet telephony services are hosted in the cloud which is very cost-effective, reducing installation and maintenance expenses on-premises platforms.
  • Add extra features and number of users if required as Internet telephony is highly scalable.
  • High accessibility 
  • Portable
  • Crystal clear voice quality

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