Cell Phone Bothering You Before Bed

Is your cell phone bothering you before bed, Communication plays a vital role in everyone’s life.

It builds bridges and makes relationships stronger, but for many decades, communication between people has only taken place face to face, you know! This is a known fact yet technology amalgamated with communication made lives easier day by day.

The transition of communication technology is kept on changing and upgrading to higher levels, helping us to reach distant voices in a closer way. First, we need to thank the great scientist Alexander Graham Bell, who introduced phones to this world.

The first device used a microphone as a transmitter and an earphone as a receiver, later the face of the devices changed into many forms like telephone devices connected using cables, then cell phones were introduced which were used only for basic chat chatting. Of course, our lives became more flexible carrying the whole world in our hands because of smartphones.

We want to introduce more advanced technology to our readers to be precise for residential users about the residential VoIP phones, features and lots of information will be given in this blog.

Our blog explains:

·        Residential VoIP meaning

·        Advantages of residential VOIP phones

·        Features of residential home phones

·        How to upgrade your phones

Residential home phones

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which is used for making and receiving from your home using the internet. Ok, the basic query our readers may get is what is the difference between regular phones and VoIP phones.

We answer this question in simple words, traditional phone systems are connected to the PSTN public switched telephone network through the cable wires. Next, coming to our VoIP phones as mentioned earlier internet connection is the basic requirement for the setup phone system.

As the working style has been changed because of the pandemic, every house is now maintaining the internet connections with high speed which is the most important requirement for residential VoIP phone systems.

By now, we guess our readers understood the basic meaning of the residential VoIP phone system then moving to the next topic let us see the features integrated with the phone system

Residential VoIP phone system features

The residential VoIP phone system is leading successfully in the market only because of the features enriched with it. The basic features of the residential home phone system are:

·        Call waiting: see the details of the caller while you are on another call.

·        Call redirecting: redirect calls to another number when you are unable to attend the calls.

·        DND: do not disturb helps to avoid calls over some time that you set manually.

·        Caller ID: Note the complete details of the caller

·        Parallel ringing: allows calls from multiple devices at a time

·        Conference call: talk with more than two family members staying out of place.

·        Anonymous call rejection: rejects call automatically.

·        E911: emergency services

·        Follow me: helps in receiving multiple calls at a time on multiple accessible devices.

Reliable Phone Service

The main factor that needs to be considered by our blog readers is to select the best available residential VoIP provider? The answer is RELIABLE HOME PHONE renders exceptional and prodigious services to the residential users at affordable plans available at cost-effective rates.

The reliable home phone provides 30 plus features among which a few of them are mentioned above that include incoming, outgoing and on top of that additional features are provided free of cost.

For example, your cell phone may sometimes disturb you during bed, and to avoid that you just keep your phone in silent mode but this process becomes an irritating job if you keep on doing it continuously.

So, we have a solution for this simple yet disturbing issue provided through the excellent feature integrated with the Reliable Home Phone, that is DND means Do Not Disturb where you can enable over a particular period and stop getting calls.

The work is done, it is simply fine, indeed no additional costs are incurred.

So, it might sound like a tedious process of installing our Reliable home phone system but is very simple:

·        To use your existing traditional phone as VoIP then we provide an adapter just connect it to the router plugged into the AC outlet.

·        Start making calls through laptop or desktop or tab by installing our Reliable Home phone app from the play store.

Advantages of VoIP over traditional phone systems

1.     Budget-friendly: VoIP phone setup is cost-effective with the best plans integrated with wonderful features available at low tariffs.

2.     Multitasking: If you are working from home then now don’t worry you can easily manage multiple tasks even from the residential VoIP phone system.

3.     Flexible: manage VoIP calls from any device and any location.

4.     HD clarity: The clarity of calls is crystal clear as the high-definition quality of sound can be heard over your calls.

5.     Easy to access: managing, and setting up the VoIP system to make and receive calls from any of your devices like a smartphone, laptop, or from your analog phone is very simple.

6.     Advanced features: Many additional features are included in our Reliable Home phone system compared to other home phone systems.

7.     Personal and professional: You can use reliable home phone system not only for making and receiving personal calls but also can manage professional calls, for example, the conference call feature helps you to conduct meetings with your team members located at different locations.

How to upgrade your phone?

Visit our website www.reliablehomephone.com, check the best plan that suits your requirements, sign up your details, and it’s done. Start making and receiving calls from your dear ones.

Isn’t it helpful! We hope this blog helped our readers to understand the basic technological words regarding residential home phones so, stay joined together as we are available to answer your questions a click away around the clock.

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