Best VoIP Service For Home

A typical residential building requires all the amenities with advanced features which can cope with the modern world, in this blog post we are going to get some awareness and benefits of best VoIP Service for Home.

Setting up VoIP phones in residential buildings or any community is a must-to-do task as this will enable people to communicate more easily with their friends and families and also the neighborhood.

Top 7 Reasons To Choose The Best VoIP Service For Home

Reliable Home Phone has got 7 good reasons to be termed as the best VoIP provider. Let’s get started with the topic right away. We will list those 7 golden reasons here and then we will elaborate on them in detail.

  1. Easy Installation
  2. Customer Satisfaction
  3. An emergency is just a click away
  4. DND
  5. Call waiting
  6. Call forwarding and
  7. Conference calls

1. Easy Installation

Gone are the days when we need to wait for the technical team to visit our residential area to rectify the issues or even to establish a new connection or add more connections to the already existing one. Our team at Reliable Home Phone provides easy installation which is completely online and hassle-free.

2 Customer Satisfaction

We strive hard towards 100% customer satisfaction as this is our top priority. We can provide various technical services and also troubleshoot any issue that has evolved while using the services.

3 Emergency is just a click away

Emergency calling is the channel or medium where the emergency service will collect the information of the caller and thereby assist them based on the situation of the caller. In Reliable Home IP phones this feature is a built-in one.


Privacy is the concerning thing when coming to residential phones, and in the VoIP phones of Reliable Home Phone we have this feature of enabling and disabling the DND, and also fully customizable.

5 Call waiting

This feature enables the user to switch between the calls when they are on call, multiple calls can be handled easily without disconnecting them.

6 Call forwarding

Reliable Home phone has the option of forwarding your calls to the alternate numbers which you already have. This assists in maintaining consistency.

7 Conference Calls

Whenever we wish to intimate someone at the same time, conference call features are the best choices. And this feature is an added benefit for those who want to make debates or discussions in the comfort of their home.


Reliable Home Phone services and features are the best ones in the market and currently, we are spreading our wings globally. The features are easy to use and the user interface of the phones is much more friendly and can be accessed by all age ranges.

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