Do you wish to become an ethical hacker? Well then, you have come to the right place. This blog will discuss hacking, ethical hacking, their roles, and their types.

Hackers are generally identified as illegal software intruders. Hackers are the ones who can rebuild the mainframe software to make them do multiple tasks. But, gradually, hackers are defined as skilled programmers who can gain unauthorized access to other computers through a weak firewall, bugs or malice.

But such a practice is unethical hacking primarily focusing on stealing information or finances from bank accounts. Simultaneously, there is another side of the coin – ethical hacking. Let’s dive!

Ethical Hacking

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking is an official and authorized practice done by the programmers bypassing the system security to detect the weaknesses in the application, system or infrastructure. Hackers are hired to search for potential threats in the system.

These people are probably cyber security engineers trying to improve the system security to defend it from malicious attacks. Notice that this practice is entirely legal as the organization approves its activities. 

Responsibilities of an Ethical Hacker:

Hacking is frequently seen as a threat to many people. Factually, ethical hackers must follow specific guidelines that make them legal. Below are some of the crucial rules subjected to ethical hacking.

In the first step, the Hacker has to get authorization from the organization. They can do any security assessment activity only after receiving management approval. Else, it is illegal.

A hacker must determine and describe his plan for the assessment to the organization.

Ethical Hacker has to sign up with the non-disclosure agreement as their motive must be to hide the system’s vulnerabilities, if any. Hence, they must not reveal any discoveries found.

An essential step in their role is to erase the traces of hack as they could be paths for other unethical hackers. This step prevents other unauthorized hackers from entering the system.

Essential Skills of Ethical Hackers:

On the surface, anyone practising hacking must know systems, programming, coding and security measures to hack successfully.

Programming: Hackers need a good knowledge of programming such as SDLC (Security and Software Development Life Cycle)

Knowledge about Databases: 

In the case of an organization, any hacker would target the database while attacking. Therefore, you must have good knowledge of SQL, and PLSQL will help you inspect the operations related to databases. 


The most common way of malicious hacking is done through networks. So, the Hacker must know all the devices on the floor to determine which is compromised.

An ethical hacker must know platforms such as Linux, UNIX, Windows, etc. Also, he must know about servers and search engines.

How many types of Hackers do exist?

At the root level, there exist 2 types; one who does authorize hacking is called an ethical or White Hacker, and one who does unauthorized practice is an unethical or Black Hacker. We have already introduced both so far.

Yet, there is one more type called “Grey Hat” hackers. These hackers do not seek permission and enter as Black Hats do. But they do not have any malicious intent of destroying the database or for money. 

They do it for fun or other reasons. In some cases, Grey hats are not dangerous, and they inform the owner if they find any vulnerabilities in the system.

Differences between White Hats and Black Hats:

Based on the motive, White Hat Hackers try to find the vulnerability and remedy it. On the other hand, black hat hackers do the activity for their gains or being hired by third parties.

The techniques used do not differ. For example, white hats use the same method used by the black hats and duplicate them. Once they find a weak point, they will soon report and remedy it. 

The white hats abide by the law, and the black hat hackers violate it. Such a difference makes it clear even if they use the same techniques and come from the same platform.

Something to know is that the organization itself hires white hats, but no one owns black hats.


The concept of ethical hacking is a typical subject to study, and you need to be aware of multiple areas regarding computer systems, databases, and security and software platforms. 

An ethical hacker must address professional and personal values to overcome the pressures. Nowadays, ethical hacking certifications have become famous for this reason. We hope that this glance will help you choose the right way to advance in the field of hacking in your future.

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