Every advancement observed and adopted in any field faces a few misconceptions. Similarly, the latest communications solution called Internet telephony also has a few misconceptions, which are proven wrong in this blog.

What is Internet telephony?

  • Internet telephony uses the Internet as a connecting medium and enables voice calls and other telephony services like SMS, calling, and other voice-messaging apps to be transmitted. 
  • Software based on this technology is affordable and practical. It enables the users to connect via voice, video, and audio calls from anywhere globally as long as there is an Internet connection. 
  • Cloud telephony and IP telephony are other names for Internet telephony.

Myth #1: 

Modern and advanced technologies are challenging to set up and manage.

The statement is untrue.

Modern advancements in telecom technology have made setting up a VoIP calling system quick and simple. It encourages more and more users to choose Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) over traditional phone services as the technology behind it continues to advance.

Setting up a VoIP system is not a big challenge or complicated as you can use the existing systems or desk phones as VOIP phones by connecting them to an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter). Softphones are also used as cloud phones for making and receiving calls outdoors.

Myth #2: 

A wrong prediction about quality

It’s not true!

It’s a widespread misperception that VoIP calls are superior to landline calls as they have the potential to sound better than conventional phones with high bandwidth. The VoIP handsets have noise-cancelling technologies to enhance audio quality significantly. The noise cancelling technology increases the bandwidth hence making the voice crystal clear.

Myth #3: 

Home phone users cannot afford

Not true!

VoIP services often have a lower cost per minute than landline services, which allows users to cut their communication costs by up to a large extent. VoIP also helps in saving huge budgets while making international calls. On the other hand, utilizing the current Internet rather than sticking to the old technology or infrastructure can enhance communications while drastically reducing communication expenditures.

Indeed, this proves that VOIP or internet telephony is a significant beneficiary for residential users and businesses or start-ups.

Myth #4: 

Is it reliable?

Yes, indeed!

VoIP is trustworthy. Natural calamities, power failures, etc., frequently cause landlines to go down. But, the internet phone data is stored in different data centers. They help to retrieve the data whenever required. On the other hand, VoIP is secure when connected to a reliable internet connection. Users can divert calls to their phone/laptop linked to WIFI even if their Internet goes down while waiting for the connection to be restored.

Myth #5: 

It can’t work with your current equipment

To start using this modernized technology, you don’t have to go out and buy new devices. For example, use an online faxing service if you have a fax machine to share documents similar to email.

An Analog Telephone Adapter is used for your conventional phone systems in the cloud, which is typically not a cost-effective solution.


It won’t be able to perform all the functions 

Cloud-based phone systems feature all PBX functions plus:


A smartphone can extend your VoIP phone system if you are often away from home. 


Set up your phone system online without waiting for an engineer to install it. With a strong internet connection, you can easily set up call forwarding and answer and transfer calls from anywhere.

It handles video conferencing through your computer or mobile, including web-based softphones, especially for businesses.

A cloud-based telephone system allows you to acquire cutting-edge technology at a fraction cost by renting ports from a high-end, fully working telephone system.


Multiple connections

A single cloud-based phone system allows you to extend VoIP usage with two virtual registered numbers.


An upgrade is a complicated process

They have automatic upgrades since they use the most modern technology, where a central control panel simplifies management, reduces costs, simplifies support, and more excellent reliability.


These are just a few misconceptions we tried to clarify for our readers. Firstly businesses across the world have replaced their traditional landlines with IP phones. Many residential users also switch to VoIP for its premium call quality, advanced features and free calling plans.

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