Our blog aims to explain virtual phone numbers‘ functioning to our readers, and let’s start with the basic concepts. Also, how can this virtual number feature make your life easier? Let us dive in;

What is a virtual phone number?

It is a telephone number not associated with any telephone line or service used for routing the calls to the user’s actual number. 

These cloud-based numbers enable individuals to access their VoIP phones without a traditional phone system. Virtual numbers provide more freedom when communicating because you can use them to make or receive calls from any device over the internet.

Advantages of virtual numbers:

By using virtual numbers, you can avoid the costly calling fees associated with traditional landlines and use these numbers to place calls online using the internet.

In practice, virtual numbers help home VoIP phone users as well as local businesses using several different phone numbers. Virtual VoIP number enables you to operate your communication from numerous locations anywhere in the world. Because VoIP is not a corded telecom network, it entirely works on the internet.

When making long-distance calls, using virtual numbers that are local to your area will help you save money.

In the case of a home phone user who is a remote employee, virtual numbers aim at building professionalism by allowing them to constantly stay in touch with their team performing at their best with no compromise in work accessories. By using virtual numbers for various purposes, people can access advanced calling features and communicate with freedom from being limited to a specific location.

Virtual numbers offer versatility, accessible anywhere by the virtual phone service providers offering the option for you to use an app on your mobile device to place calls.

How do they function?

We can use them to help take calls from anywhere:

The ability to direct calls to whichever device you choose to receive them on, whether a desk phone or mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet, is one of the main functions of having this number as they are not tied to a specific location. This feature is significantly advantageous for remote workers who want to make calls from anywhere in the world. 

Easy to manage through the local service providers:

Most VoIP users prefer using local service providers since they provide your company with a more localized presence and enhanced clients are more inclined to respond to calls from local numbers than from unknown numbers.

They allow the highest level of security:

Having a virtual phone number allows you to segregate your calls and data; another primary function is allowing you to buy a phone number while maintaining the privacy of your number. 

Using advanced VoIP capabilities:

Some service providers give more advantages in-built into your subscribed VoIP plan. Residential VoIP solutions offer exciting features like call waiting, forwarding, call recording, call transfer, DND, Call Blocking, and parallel ringing. These capabilities are beneficial for improving the effectiveness of communication with your loved ones to enhance your relationships.


Cost-effectiveness always plays a vital role when purchasing a product or a service. You need not pay extra for a virtual VoIP number and will be provided with registered numbers. Any upgrade will be done in the cloud, and there is no need to contact the service provider for any such thing. There are no additional maintenance charges or additional devices involved. You need to install your service provider’s app on your device and start making calls.

Allows multiple configurations:

Users will also appreciate the various virtual phone number configurations, such as local, vanity, and toll-free numbers (some providers offer). Here, you use a software application package that can easily configure with any other software.


All your data is stored in the cloud. Your valuable information is safe in the data centers. Some service providers will maintain a backup for their data centers, keeping in mind any unexpected disaster.

To conclude:

Although there are numerous other features with virtual phone numbers. Each service has a different price and set of parts. So, consider the present day’s requirements or must-have features and the number of people you wish to connect with (anywhere in the world). 

But remember that you need a reliable internet connection and a compatible device, like an IP phone or smartphone, to start utilizing a virtual phone number.

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