Day by day, technology is becoming more sophisticated. Yet, more advantageous features are implemented in our everyday communications known as VoIP Calling System. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)is utilized for placing and receiving phone calls through the Internet. 

This technology is becoming the preferred choice for companies of all sizes, from sole proprietorships to residential phone users, because it is more cost-effective than conventional landline phone systems and offers a broader range of capabilities and customization options.

How does VoIP Work?

VoIP calling System works on the internet connection; when making a call using a device enabled for voice over internet protocol (VOIP), the user’s agent is converted into digital packets and sent over the Internet. 

These voice signals are reconstructed from the uncompressed versions of the digital packets once they have arrived at their destination. The technology-enabled devices for making and receiving calls can be regular phones, mobile apps, or desk phones.

You can convert an analogue phone into a VoIP phone by connecting it to an ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter).

Besides this, you can also use a softphone app that lets you use VoIP phones outdoors. Download the VoIP application corresponding to the respective company from the Google Play store on your mobile device to avail of this.

In addition to connecting calls to various networks through high-speed internet connections, VoIP calling allows easy installation of the VoIP system (with no installation charges).

All the data, such as call recordings of medical, learning or legal issues, are stored safely in the cloud. The user’s data can be modified or accessed. Therefore, you should pay only for the internet services, but no need to pay for the phone system you are currently using.

Advanced VoIP Features that are Free:

Coming about the sophisticated features of this technology;

  • Call forward: If you cannot answer the phone, the call is transferred to a different number if you have call forwarding enabled.
  • Call blocking: Stops unsolicited calls from being received by the user.
  • Auto attendant: A virtual receptionist answers the calls when they come in.
  • Caller ID: Find out who’s calling you and their number
  • Call transfer: A call transfer is transferring a call from one device to another.
  • 3-Way Conference call: Create audio conference calls using this option
  • Call logs save the whole history, including information on missed, called, and received calls.
  • Call back: Automatically place calls in response to missed calls.
  • Call recording: Make sure all your calls are saved by recording them. Important calls that are related to medical, legal and profession can be stored for future reference. Traditional landlines cannot offer this.
  • Call reporting: This feature allows for the generation of reports 
  • DND is an option that lets you avoid receiving official calls and messages.

The advantages of the VoIP calling system:

  • It decreased overall costs to almost nothing more than membership fees. 
  • 99.99%uptime
  • If you’re using a web-based, you’ll need to log in to your account before using the app directly.
  • Use the same device: You can use the exact location and device for calling, whether at home or away.
  • It is possible to use many channels concurrently, such as phone calls and conferencing.
  • It enables the use of unlimited calls without incurring any additional costs.
  • Make international calls at no extra rates.
  • The user can get one registered number and two applications. You can download softphone applications on any device connected to the Internet. This feature enables the individual with good mobility and flexibility, especially for remote workers. Besides, residential VoIP is very beneficial for online learners. 
  • Multitasking is only possible with these phones as you can store and access data any time you want with complete data safety. Residential VoIP creates ease in living. It offers remarkably advanced features not found in the conventional landline system.


The primary concern about this technology is maintaining a strong and stable internet connection. As this works only on the Internet, it helps in attaining successful communication solutions available at affordable costs in our Organization. 

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