Caller ID

Caller ID

Caller ID

Know Who’s Calling

The main reason Reliable Home Phone can prove useful to our customers is because of it's best feature “caller ID” which aids you to switch from traditional landline to VoIP.

Why you need this feature?

Caller ID name is the latest feature which helps our customers to know the name of the person calling by displaying the number on the screen. To enable this option click "caller ID name" checkbox under features of incoming calls.

You just need to pay a minimal fee to know the name of the unknown person apart from the number.


No need to pay additional charges to know the number as it is a default feature provided by the Reliable Home Phone but we charge a very minimal fee for identification of name.

By default, Reliable Home Phone provides the feature of caller number but for name you need to activate by paying fees.

Enabling caller ID name is very easy, just click the “incoming call features” page there you can see the tab "caller ID name", click the field ID caller ID name to activate.