Avoid Undesirable Calls

If you are tired and want to relax, then surely you must enable this feature where all incoming calls will be received in your VOIP phone but no notifications will be received for them.

VoIP Rphone service ignore incoming calls on our VoIP phone using this DND option

DND means ‘do not disturb’ which is an essential feature required for every individual where their privacy does not get disturbed. Reliable home phone service provides this feature without adding any additional cost to the plan. Predefined time and days can be manually selected in the features option in this phone where you can set the auto repeat option if you want to continue.

Switch on to Reliable Home Phone which controls all the incoming calls of your residential or business phone.

What is DND?

Want to ignore incoming calls on your VoIP phone within a predefined time and days then enable this feature where you don’t get disturbed for that predefined time. It also provides flexibility to set the DND feature to auto repeat on selected days so no need to set time and day every day on your phone.


No, no need to pay separately for this feature it is default feature provided by the Reliable Home Phone

The process is very simple just click the tab “do not disturb” under the incoming call features and then enter the time and days you want DND to be activated. Click update settings so that the changes are saved automatically. It will be enabled till you click the tab DND and disable it.

Yes, your calls can be redirected to voice mail if you enable the voice mail in residential or VoIP business phone.