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Yes, you need an internet connection that may be installed through DSL,cable modem connection providing minimum speed of 128kbps upstream and downstream. Please note that you need to backup by another resource as there is a chance of losing household power.

No, you don’t need any static IP address to use reliable phone system.

Dropped calls are mainly related to internet connectivity so you may have poor internet connection and to obtain good audio quality unplug other devices from router other than ATA and then recheck the quality.

Yes, surely you can carry our phone system where there is a high speed internet connection and a phone adaptor.

No, Reliable Home Phone charges only for your subscription plans not for internet charges.

Yes, there is a chance of providing the same number to your VoIP device.

Go to link “my account” on your web interface page then click add extra number but note that additional charges need to be paid.

Virtual numbers are telephone numbers which are not related to any person or any type of business but used for marketing campaigns

No, you don’t lose any single feature from Reliable Home Phone .

Yes, they use the same technology similar to Reliable Home Phone -VoIP

No, fax machines cannot transmit faxes over VoIP lines instead use an online fax solution

Yes, you can forward calls any other phone number you provide and callers will never know.

Yes, we do provide free number porting

We create reports related to: call duration, user calls, calls answered, talk time, average calls missed and others.

Yes, we provide personal dashboards where you get real time overview of your data.

We send calendar invites, record conferencing calls, add participants in between the call and many more.

Security measures that are taken to provide security :

1). activate call encryption

2). deactivate other unused accounts

3). don’t share passwords with others.

Yes, you must have strong wireless signal

You don’t need any technicians or installers to install your business phone system just follow the steps in settings online from your browser.

It is one of the best features in cloud communications where voicemail messages you receive are automatically transcribed and then sent to you through email or SMS.