Call Redirecting

Call Redirecting

VoIP Rphone service call redirecting we can redirect our calls to another number

Redirect Important Calls Effortlessly

The best and most flexible feature that helps Reliable Home Phone customers as per your convenience where calls are redirected to another number whether it is your home phone or cell phone(personal).

How it helps our customers?

Call filtering helps in picking up particular calls and redirected it to other numbers only by you. It is helpful for both business and personal purposes wherein business specific client calls which are important can be attended only by you and similarly, your personal calls are redirected to your cell phone from business VoIP.

FAQs in call redirecting:

First, sign into your account where you can see the tab “Features” on the top of your Reliable Home Phone control panel there click “Call filter” page, click on the enable /disable tab. Provide a number that you want to redirect in the “from” field and “to” field then click update status to save the changes done. Additional number can be filtered by clicking “add filter”.

No, we don’t charge additional charges for this feature.