how to connect your mobile phone with VoIP Devise to Make or Receive Mobile Calls from your LandPhones

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How Reliable works?

Reliable home phone is the pre-eminent and exceptional Internet VoIP phone services rendered to our customers compared to other available Internet phone services in the market. Reliable home phone has become the trending and successful in the market as it is having been providing many VoIP Phone features.

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VoIP Phone Features

Everything you need and more

If you are in search of the best affordable Internet home phone with wonderful features then without any hesitancy one can opt for our reliable home phone which provides the best features and best price compared to other VoIP phone services in USA market.

VoIP Phone features for

Call Waiting

Reliable Home Phone’s call waiting feature...

Call Redirecting

The best and most flexible feature that helps...


The best and very useful feature for...


If you are tired and want to relax, then surely...

Caller ID

The main reason Reliable Home Phone can...

Parallel Ringing

Sometimes it is not possible for you to attend...

Keep Your Number

(Landline Number Porting Feature)
Please check your existing number for its portability

How to make International call from your mobile with VoIP Rphone app

Residential phone in your pocket!

With Reliable phone, you can use your residential VoIP phone from anywhere. Enjoy free outbound VoIP calling, see who has called, and access your voicemail all through the Rphone app.

we can download RPhone App from IOS Appstore we can download RPhone App from Google Play store

Why Choose

Why switch to smarter way of communication

Reliable home Internet phone offers the best and additional features with additional flexibilities that help our customers to reach out their family or business ends using both home VoIP phone and two smart phones with the help of extensions app.

  • Reliable home phone service provides two main plans VoIP residential plans, VoIP international plans.
  • We provide unlimited international & National Calling plans and different call rates based on the customer requirement.
  • Reliable home VoIP phone provides the best services in monthly or yearly based International & National Calling VoIP Phone plans.
How to Connect your Land phone with Cloud Based VoIP connection

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions then certainly our team is ready 24*7 to support you and answer your questions?

No, you don’t need any static IP address to use reliable phone system.

No, fax machines cannot transmit faxes over VoIP lines instead use an online fax solution

Yes, you can forward calls any other phone number you provide and callers will never know.

Yes, we provide personal dashboards where you get real time overview of your data.

Yes, there is a chance of providing the same number to your VoIP device.

Go to link “my account” on your web interface page then click add extra number but note that additional charges need to be paid.

Virtual numbers are telephone numbers which are not related to any person or any type of business but used for marketing campaigns

It is one of the best features in cloud communications where voicemail messages you receive are automatically transcribed and then sent to you through email or SMS.

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Setup so easy! It's a kid’s play!

  • Connect the given reliable home Phone Adapter to the router with the cable which is included
  • Plug the router into the AC outlet
  • Connect the power supply to the reliable Phone Adapter and into an AC outlet
  • Connect your home phone to the reliable VoIP Phone Adapter with a regular cable provided

“Hearty congrats, now you can start making calls.”

How to Setup your reliable home VoIP phone with your Home Router to make Internet Calls



What are the best International calling plans for your Home VoIP Phone Integration?

The best VoIP Landline phone services are provided by reliable home phone with unique International, National & India calling plans and data plans for home integration which are discussed in this article.

Many latest technologies and software have been developed in communication world. For example, you are in India and your relatives or close ones are living in other country the best and easiest way of reaching them is RELIABLE HOME PHONE which has been designed with many features and flexible calling plans and data plans.

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