number porting

If someone is looking forward to number porting, they might have various associated problems.

Nowadays, this process has become easy so that the customers can port their numbers between the networks.

For residential needs, if any individual is interested in changing their existing number and wishes to have a different network provider, the process is as easy as biting a cheese now.

The number will remain the same even after the number porting

For any porting process, the advantage which we can appreciate is that the porting process will be done without changing the number itself. This allows you to use the same number even after the port is done.

This feature assists you in maintaining the same phone book, and there will be no need to test each individual in your contact list that you have changed your network. There will be no tedious tasks involved while changing your network as the number portability is done quickly without any trouble.

Simple steps for the porting process

If your network isn’t providing unlimited calling, you can opt-out of it and migrate to another better service provider that provides unlimited calling without any restrictions.

The formalities in undergoing the number porting are not rocket science. Most people are well aware of it. They are enjoying the services and availing of the offers that their favorite network providers provide.

There are also few providers available in the market who can entertain their customers with attractive plans for free.

Less Expensive

One need not worry about the charges involved in number porting. A decade ago, many issues arose when anyone would like to port their number.

Especially when it is not any business organization, questions have been made much torturous to the residents.

The network providers also took this as a severe issue regarding the restrictions and other issues they have to face in legal terms. They allowed the residential users to go through an easy process while porting their numbers.

Also, when coming to the charges involved in the process, they are affordable and reasonable in most cases. The price will be as low as the price of chocolate.

Outage for a short period during number porting

During porting, the number will not work for a few hours, which the operator will intimate during the process. These outage hours depend upon the network strength in the particular area, geographical related issues, and environmental issues like floods and heavy rains.

All these will impact the speed of the porting phone number process.

The customer’s opinion is valued

If one customer is having trouble with the present network, then that particular customer has an option to port the number.

There will be no more calls from the existing network provider or pressure on you about the customer’s decision.

Now it is easy. The customer’s willingness to port the number will become a much extraordinary task. The network providers now have to develop different plans to keep their customers without leaving their network.


The entire process of number porting is done easily with the help of the option of free number porting available on the official sites of the providers.

This process facilitates getting all the features and offers provided by the service providers in a much simpler process.

This is the biggest challenge for the network providers; now, it is a massive challenge for them as the customers will keep exploring topics like what they will get when they port from an existing network to the other.

The customer’s research for better service will be going on, making the providers work hard to provide more benefits to the customers.

Free calling has been the best alternative instead of providing more perks involved with benefits which might incur more loss to the company. Reliable Home Phone provides the opportunity for customers to have free number porting. There are also other providers with more features. We will leave that to the customer to find out which service they will prefer based on their requirements.

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