Reliable Home Phone stands out from the other home VoIP service providers for its best-tailored plans, which are cost-effective.

Regular people utilize domestic VoIP telephony, also known as the residential VoIP phone system. You can place and receive calls using VoIP technology. Not only were the corporate communications but also residential VoIP companies’ are excelling with their key features, advantages, and subscription models. These and numerous more elements are assisting in the success of VOIP technology on the market.

The simplest way to define VOIP is to say that it stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol.” Your speech is first converted into digital packets throughout this procedure, which are then transmitted across the Internet. The digital packets are decompressed and converted back to sound once they have reached the receiver.

VoIP Home Phones-Affordability:

No matter the system an individual belongs to; he will care about affordability. Affordability is the primary parameter that anybody considers before investing in a product or a service. 

Reliable Home Phone has equipped itself with the best possible plans, which are affordable, so that residential VoIP users could experience customer satisfaction.

Let’s go through some of the elements which define us as one of the leading residential VoIP service providers.

Low costs: 

There would be a massive drop in your call costs when using VoIP telephony, which is much less expensive than traditional telephony. Besides, you do not have to pay for installation or service/maintenance charges. If you want to upgrade, do not purchase any additional hardware, as VoIP can readily integrate with any new things.

Unlimited calls are allowed: 

Of course, VoIP allows you to make unlimited national and international voice calls. Most basic residential plans allow unlimited calls to the US and Canada, while you can upgrade your plan to include other regions. Usually, premium plans come with unlimited minutes for calling abroad. As a VoIP user, you will not pay for each call as in the case of conventional telephony. You only pay for the plan.

Flexibility and portability: 

Because VoIP telephony allows for worldwide calling, it is more flexible than traditional telephony. There is a significant reduction in or elimination of roaming fees. 

Number porting is one of the useful features that one prefers from VoIP. You can maintain your old landline number by contacting your service provider. 

Ease of use: 

Because the VoIP phone system uses the Internet rather than phone lines, there is no need to install or maintain phone lines. It is not affected by any natural calamities. 


Even the most basic home phone plans come with many more features than are necessary integrated into the home phones, such as caller ID, call waiting, and call transfer. The features included in the system are the most crucial components in determining whether a VoIP phone system is utilized for residential or professional communications. These options can differ amongst VoIP residential service providers.

The most crucial aspect of VoIP Home Phone : 

Regardless of the location being called from, whether it is local or international, it constantly saves money in contrast to traditional phone systems that use actual lines. VoIP calling gives you maximum uptime with premium call quality.


Using a domestic VoIP phone to make international calls will lower roaming costs than using a regular phone. As VoIP entirely works with the Internet, it has no geographical boundaries.

As already discussed, keeping the same phone number even after changing providers is one of the most beneficial uses of VoIP phones.


Because it doesn’t need any extra space for the infrastructure, it can support an arbitrary number of lines and boasts the highest level of scalability conceivable, eliminating the need to install physical lines as is necessary for conventional phones connected to the PSTN.

Voice quality: 

High definition (HD) voice quality, mostly lacking traditional phone systems, is offered in crystal clear form.

If you are a remote working employee, VoIP facilitates working remotely by effectively integrating it into company communications. It, in turn, increases the output of individual working offices; at times, you are physically not available at the office.


A VoIP service provider should consider the most important thing to consider is to craft affordable VoIP plans with all the essential features in-built within. Our plans made us stand on the frontline of the VoIP service providers.

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