In this blog, we will inform you about some emergencies in our residential life and how we can help ourselves by using Residential VoIP.

We know that every upgrade in technology gives you a few advanced or enhanced features. Also, good accessibility; do you know? Upgrades also imply disaster preparedness in common.

It has to be discussed that the biggest asset of the VoIP calling system is that it entirely works with the help of the internet. And all the related data is secure in the cloud, which is protected by many layers of firewall programs.


Yes! VoIP users are also provided with two registered numbers that are virtual. It enables you to make calls and receive them if you are somewhere outdoors. 

There are often some issues in every home scenario, which might be an emergency or not, but users always expect a quick solution for their concerns. Suppose an issue needs your attention and you are not available yet. Also, when you want to act on the situation, you never need to think about anything but move straight toward the solution.

Imagine, in the old days when there were landlines; you know the scenario well. Even with the introduction of mobile phones, we have faced situations where you must look to recharge your plan. But Residential VoIP helps you focus only on the issue and think about nothing else, and you only pay once and not for every call.

Data Security:

Data security is some people’s primary concern, and that is reasonable. In a single line, VoIP gives splendid data security by securing all your data in the cloud. And this is located at our data centers. Please be informed that even our data centers have their backup at times of trouble which we can never expect. 

As a user of cloud telephony, you can stay rest assured as your data is entirely safe, and you can retrieve it whenever you want it.

Emergency Vs. Network:

It is where cloud phones can win over everything else. It is well known that old phones are vulnerable to natural disasters and aggressive climate. If there is a disturbance in the hardware infrastructure, it will turn off the service. 

But, on the other hand, an emergency only wants a response rather than a reason. Because it works on the internet only, Residential VoIP can guarantee maximum network uptime. If you subscribe to a VoIP calling system, you might never panic about the network.

Call Record and Call Forward:

There might be some crucial calls such as;

Medical calls where you need the call record back for reference have to be retrieved if you need. Any legal call is vital as you cannot ignore it as it contains sensitive information. Likewise, any personal or property-related calls can be recorded and retrieved if required. 

Call forward is another helpful feature where you can forward or transfer the call, ensuring you will never miss an incoming call.

Virtual Registered Numbers:

These are very useful and will create two more users in the loop apart from the IP phone installed on the desk. This feature enables two more users to avail of VoIP service with the same connection. It allows your family to with two more users that can create more flexibility in your operations while handling emergencies.

Digital Telephone Directory:

Remember those days when you needed to find a contact in a massive book of the telephone directory in times of emergency? But, before that, you need to find the book or borrow an already lent book. Such a situation cannot handle a crisis. 

VoIP phones have a virtual telephone directory where all your contacts are saved. Any desired communication is readily available in the contact list, which can accelerate your work during an emergency.


Technology always wins! Because it is upgraded and enhanced. Any new update leads our life towards making good use of time and more versatile operational abilities. People in the current day are safer only for the reason of technology. 

VoIP, the most advanced telecommunication technology, could simplify your work. At times you need to handle an emergency. If you want to know more about VoIP telephony, click on

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